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We are the Kaituna River Catchment Wetlands Reestablishment Trust.

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Create a Wetland. Our objective is to purchase parts of 6,000 hectares of former Kaituna River catchment wetlands as they become available when sufficient funding has been raised, and to restore them back to productive galaxius (whitebait), and tuna (eel) filled wetlands that are connected to Maketu Estuary maritime marsh galaxius (whitebait) spawning habitat. Please have a look around our website to find out how you can be a part of this exciting project.

The Project FAQ's
  1. When and how will land be purchased

    Land will be purchased for conversion as it becomes available. This will be on-gong indefinitely until most or all of the 6,000 hectare Kaituna River catchment has been converted into productive wetland.
  2. What is the cost of conversion? 

    Cost per hectare of developing wetlands will be negotiated with contractors once land has been secured from current owners. Our expectation is that cost per hectare will be around XYZ.
  3. What support are you expecting? 

    We anticipate widespread ongoing support as we are working directly with BOP Regional Council and our plans have environmental and potential economic benefits for the region.
  4. What happens when land is purchased? 

    Agreement to convert a property to wetland will be sought from BOP Regional Council when a block of land is purchased. Properties will be purchased and approval gained for wetland restoration to occur.
  5. What happens with the money raised to purchase land? 

    All funds will be held in a trust account until land is purchased and converted to wetland.
  6. What are the economic benefits of wetlands restoration? 

    We believe that significant opportunity exists for local inshore coastal fisheries to expand fisheries export revenue and to set an example of what could be achieved nationwide from similar works. We expect to be able to on-sell developed wetlands to Bay of Plenty Regional Council to form parts of a wetland park reserve and so provide more finance for additional land purchase and conversion to wetlands.

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Ended on December 31 2015

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