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The images below show how maritime marsh in Maketu Estuary has been reduced dramatically over the years as changes have been made to the Kaituna River’s exit to the sea and as roads have been constructed through Maketu Estuary boundaries

Over the last 20 years Don Paterson, the founder of the Kaituna River Catchment Wetlands Reestablishment Trust, and the owner of Natural Therapies Limited, has been working towards the reestablishment of wetlands in the Kaituna River catchment in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

The objective of the Kaituna River Catchment Wetlands Reestablishment Trust is to purchase parts of 6,000 hectares as they become available and as funding is raised for conversion into productive wetland.

The documents on the right of this page demonstrate our commitment and progress towards this goal.

Please read these background letters showing 20 years of letter writing demonstrating our commitment and the potential commercial advantages of this wetland restoration.

Pim de Monchy 21 January 2024

Pim de Monchy 15 September 2022

Pim de Monchy 24 August 2022


Pim de Monchy 7 September 2020

Pim de Monchy 4 February 2020

Pim de Monchy 29 November 2019

Pim de Monchy and Courtney Bell re v-drain creation February 2019

Pim de Monchy and Courtney Bell re v-drain creation 20 February 2019

Pim De Monchy 16 November 2018

Garry Webber 24 October 2018

Pim de Monchy 17 October 2018

Paul Baker David Swap Pim de Monchy 14 October 2018.pdf

BOPRC 14 June 2018

BOPRC Public Forum address

Petition re Kaituna River through Maketu Estuary

Pim de Monchy 20 March 2018

Pim de Monchy 8 September 2017

Pim de Monchy 31 October 2016

Pim de Monchy 29 October 2016

Mary-Anne Macleod 3 September 2015

Mary-Anne Macleod 28-8-2015

Pim de Monchy 8 March 2015

Pim de Monchy 28 December 2014

Pim De Monchy 16 December 2014

Submission on respect of Resource Applications BOPRC 67958 WBOPDC 4944(L)

Pim de Monchy 29 July 2014

Steven Joyce 27 July 2014

Pim de Monchy 13 July 2014

Pim de Monchy 20 May 2014

Pim de Monchy 22 April 2014

Steve Everitt 19 February 2014

Jane Nees BOPRC 12 February 2014

Steve Everitt Consultation record

Jan Nees-29-November 2013

Ken Tarboton-15-November 2013

Pim-de-Monchy-4-November 2013

Pim-de-Monchy-Aug 2013

Pim-de-Monchy-July 2013

Julian Fitter- June 2013

Pim de Monchy - June 2013

Pim de Monchy- Early June 2013

Pim de Monchy - April 2013

BOP Regional Council - October 2012

Funding Application - 2012 with background letters

Historical River Changes 1925

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