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The images below show the V-Drain construction that will be used to flood land and to create productive functioning wetlands.

Parallel zigzagging canals with deep vs planted to enhance water movement and water purification, and created to enhance inshore coastal fisheries and freshwater tuna (eel) fishery commercial production near Maketu with galaxius and tuna habitat, and in doing so demonstrate a national fisheries export revenue, recreational fishery and tourism creation potential that could be applied to other parts of New Zealand – i.e. create an inshore coastal fisheries commercial production increase fish-pump working model.

Over the last 20 years Don Paterson, the founder of the Kaituna River Catchment Wetlands Reestablishment Trust, and the owner of Natural Therapies Limited, has been working towards the reestablishment of wetlands in the Kaituna River catchment in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

The objective of the Kaituna River Catchment Wetlands Reestablishment Trust is to purchase parts of 6,000 hectares as they become available and as funding is raised, for conversion to productive wetland.

The documents on the right of this page demonstrate our commitment and progress towards this goal.

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