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We will be competing on the open market for dairy farmland @ between $35,000 and $45,000 per hectare. We will have to pay top dollar to get the land that we want. We have already identified land that we want to purchase and convert into productive wetland. Funds will be used as soon as there are sufficient funds held in an interest bearing bank account to purchase land and to convert that land into planted v-drain wetlands in connection with Maketu Estuary maritime marsh galaxius spawning habitat and so to the sea.

As blocks of land are purchased we intend to develop them and then sell them to BOPRC as scenic reserve and with the money from the sale we will purchase and convert more land.

6000 hectares @ $45,000 per hectare will cost $270,000,000 plus conversion costs. Every contribution of whatever size towards that goal will help and so we believe that we should continue to aim at the best possible scenario and to expect the best possible outcome to achieve the best possible result.

We believe that if entrepreneurs and philanthropists see the 20 years of letter writing in the website copy letters, then you will want to help us to help everybody else by demonstrating an increase in coastal fisheries commercial production that we believe can be achieved by farming that fishery using time proven farming techniques.

Every dollar that is contributed by members of the public will be significant towards reaching the goal. Funds will be invested in a bank account and will be held secure and accumulating until a point where land is purchased and converted to productive wetland.

Land will be purchased in stages relative to its suitability and to its availability. All land can we believe become available for sale at the right price and until it becomes scenic reserve.

Maketu Wetlands



Pledged of $5,000,000 Goal


Ended on December 31 2015

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