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Question to Don


Thank you for your email. I will reply to the points that you have raised in red below:

Sent: Tuesday, 19 November 2013 8:39 p.m.
To: Don Paterson
Subject: Re: Please promote the attached

Hi Don

I’ll give Pim a call when I get back (I’m in Aus for a month) but can’t guarantee it’ll do any good.

As far as the wetlandsnz project goes, I admire your commitment, but the project you are proposing is too big for the resources available at present. That is why was created. There is an abundance of money in this world and I believe that it will come.

Where did you get your estimated $45,000 / ha? Market value from land agents. You need to back up that figure. One farmer recently paid $50,000 per hectare for land adjacent to his own. You don’t have details of budgets, where you will get or pay for the required labour or any of the considerable infrastructure needed. Contractors. What is the Taiapuri’s involvement? None. Who are Bop fishing charters and what is their involvement? My private business set up to book charters when I was game fishing for a vocation. You’re asking people to donate money (large sums for gold sponsors) without any guarantees – as it looks at the moment you’re simply asking donors to give Don Paterson money (I know it’s not the case, but that is how it could be interpreted). That is why I am setting up a Trust Board to manage the purchase of land and employment of contractors.

You continually refer to tuna eel and galaxidae galaxius, but most people will not have the foggiest idea what they are galaxius are the species of native fish that are the parents of the majority of whitebait – most people overseas (and many in NZ) will think you’re trying to preserve the tuna stocks in the ocean. I will record eel alongside where I have recorded tuna

I think the main issue is cleaning up the river wetlands will trap silt and purify water while creating habitat, restoration of species will follow as a product of clean water and increased habitat, and you haven’t addressed this problem at all. If you read the copy letters under Background you will see that I have been recommending ways of cleaning up the river water for 3 decades

Kindest regards
Don Paterson
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